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Sea of Galilee

Israel’s largest fresh water lake in northern Israel is also known as Lake Kinneret and as the site of many New Testament events. The lake’s main source of water is the River Jordan, the Golan Heights mountain range rises from the sea’s eastern shore and on the western shore is the city of Tiberias and nearby Capernaum where Jesus based himself during his ministry. Today the sea is a vacation resort with many hotels, beaches and water sport opportunities but it is also a sacred pilgrimage site. It was here that Jesus walked on the water and on the edge of the water he performed the miracle of the fish and loaves. The traditional site of Jesus’ baptism, Yardenite, is at one end of the lake where it meets the Jordan River and the Mount of beatitudes, where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount, is nearby. The idyllic surroundings of rolling green hills, dense forests and the sea nestled in a valley make this a picturesque travel destination.