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The Galilee is a mountainous region in northern Israel; it is the greenest part of the country with forests, hills and valleys, groves, orchards, meadows of wildflowers, lakes, rivers and a number of nature reserves. The region is divided in to Upper and Lower Galilee and is spotted with small rural communities as well as a few major cities like Nazareth, the home town of Jesus, and Tiberius on the edge of the Sea of Galilee. Nature lovers can enjoy the Hula Valley, a water-rich area which sees million s of migrating birds visiting each year. The Galilee is criss-crossed with nature trails and hike routes; you can take horse riding excursions or explore the religious, historic and archaeological sites in the region.

The Biblical city of Capernaum is in the Galilee and from here you can follow in Jesus’ footsteps along the Jesus Trail which retraces Jesus’ movements during his ministry in the Galilee. Along the edge of the Sea of Galilee are more religious sites like where Jesus performed the miracle of the fish and loaves. Yardenite, where Jesus was baptized and Cana where Jesus turned water into wine are also in the Galilee.