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Golan Heights

In the north-eastern corner of Israel runs a range of mountains (basaltic plateau to be precise) called the Golan Heights, they separate Israel from Syria on one side and on the other side look down on the Sea of Galilee. The range is about 65 km long and 12 km wide. Ownership of the Golan has been in dispute since the Six-Day War in 1967, today it is within Israel’s borders and visitors can see abandoned Syrian bunkers. At the extreme northern end of the plateau is Mt. Hermon where Israel’s only ski resort is based. At Kursi you can see an ancient Byzantine monastery; in Katsrin there is the Golan Archeological Museum and at Hamat Gader there are natural mineral hot springs and a spa resort. The lush green foliage of the Golan and natural beauty make this a popular site for hiking, horse riding and excursions.