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Eilat on the Red Sea

Eilat is Israel’s most southerly city on the edge of the Red Sea. In the beach resort city the coast is lined with top quality hotels overlooking the bright blue sea. In the sea of Eilat are coral reefs, close enough to the shore for even the most novice diver to enjoy and at most beaches you can rent a snorkel and mask to explore the underwater world on your own. Some of the sites in Eilat include the acclaimed Dolphin Reef where you can swim and dive with dolphins in their natural environment; the Eilat Sea World and Underwater Observatory; a shopping center with an ice rink in the middle; Darkness, a horror house for only the very brave; Kings City, a type of theme park with rides, brain teasers and 3D effects; IMAX Theatre and the beautiful endless soft sandy beaches. Eilat also has a vibrant nightlife and excellent fish restaurants. From Eilat you can made day excursions to the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.