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Northern Israel

Northern Israel is one of the most beautiful areas of the country, it has lush green rolling hills and many points of interest. The Upper Galilee is a mountainous area covered with forests; it is where the source of the Jordan River is and also the historic hill top city of Safed. The Lower Galilee has ++hills and valleys with small rural communities and many hiking trails. Nazareth is one of the largest cities in this region and where you’ll find Christian sites like the home of the holy family, Mary Joseph and their son Jesus. Mount Carmel and the large port city of Haifa boasts the beautiful Baha’i Gardens and the fascinating Druze villages. The water abundant Hula Valley is a haven for migrating birds and nature lovers. In the Northern Valleys are beit She’an, Jezreel Valley and ancient archeological sites. The Sea of Galilee with the city of Tiberius on its shores is surrounded by significant religious sites like where Jesus performed the miracle of the fish and loaves. In the Golan Heights there is the ancient site of Katzrin, the hot springs of Hamat Gader and Israel’s only ski resort on Mt. Hermon.