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Safed, Tiberias and Mt Meron Tour Gallery

The cities and sites of northern Israel include Safed, Tiberias and Mt. Meron. Safed is Israel’s highest city at 900 meters above sea level, it is an ancient religious hub for Jewish mysticism. In Safed there are ancient synagogues and an historic old quarter with cobble stone alleys lined with small stone buildings. It is also a haven for artists who display their work in the city’s Artist’s Quarter. The Sacred books of Jewish Kabbalah were written here and some of the Kabbalah leaders are buried here. Tiberias is a modern city on the shore of the Sea of Galilee; from here you can take excursions on the Sea of Galilee and enjoy delicious fish meals prepared with fish caught just a few meters from the restaurant. Tiberias was established in 20BC and there are ancient ruins in among the modern buildings. Tiberias is also the site of the Rambam’s grave and the city is known for its hot springs. Mount Meron is one of the country’s highest peaks, much of the mountain is a nature reserve with criss-crossing hike trails but the mount is best known as the site of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s grave. On Lag B’Omer thousands gather here to celebrate the Rabbi and it is a traditional to light bonfires and be joyous.