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Masada, Ein Gedi and View of Qumran Tour Gallery

On a visit to Masada travelers go up to the summit of the rock plateau in a cable car, at the top are the ancient ruins of Herod the Great’s palace complex which he had built 37-31BC. The archaeological site includes well preserved mosaics, store rooms, bath houses and stables. From the top of Masada there are brilliant views across the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea.


Ein Gedi is a desert oasis and nature reserve on the shores of the Dead Sea. Ein Gedi is the site of natural springs, Davids Falls, lush vegetation and desert animals like the ibex. The reserve has been made accessible to visitors who can follow well maintained paths through the greenery and even take a dip in the cool fresh water under the water fall.

Although the Dead Sea Scrolls are now kept in the Shrine of the Book in the Israel Museum, visitors can view the caves near Qumran where the scrolls were found.