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Masada and The Dead Sea Tour Gallery


On the rock plateau of Masada Herod the Great built his palaces and fortified the summit from 37-31BC. The archaeological remains are substantial with many of the structures well preserved including rooms, store rooms, bath houses and water cisterns. Towards the end of the Jewish-Roman War a group of Jewish zealots over came the Roman soldiers at Masada and took refuge on the top of Masada. As the last outpost of Jewish resistance the rebels manages to keep off the Romans until in 73AD the Romans scaled Masada only to find that the Jews had chosen to take their own lives rather than be captured.

Dead Sea Spa

A visit to a Dead Sea spa means you can relax and be pampered while the beneficial mineral rich Dead Sea products are used to treat your body. The air, light and water of the Dead Sea combine to make the perfect conditions for a rejuvenating spa experience.