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Bethlehem and Jericho Tour Gallery


Manger Square

Manger Square in Bethlehem is outside the Church of the Nativity which was built over the grotto where Jesus is thought to have been born. Also on the square is  the Church of St. Catherine, a mosque and the Palestinean Peace Center. Manger Square is where people gather on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Church of Nativity

The Church of Nativity on Manger Square in Bethlehem is a built over the grotto where Jesus was built. The original structure was destroyed during the Samaritan Revolts in the 6th century and then rebuilt in 565AD. Within the church 5 aisles are formed by rows of Corinthian columns and exquisite gold mosaics line the walls.

Church of St. Catherine

This church is on Manger Square in Bethlehem, parts of St. Jerome’s 5th century monastery are built into the structure as well as the Chapter House of a 12th century Crusader monastery. In 1881 the church was extended and remodeled and today it is one of the most important Catholic churches in the region. The church marks the spot where St. Catherine of Alexandria was visited by Christ who told her of her future martyrdom.

Shepherd’s Fields

The field on the outskirts of Bethlehem where the shepherds saw the shining star which led them to the manger to bear witness to the birth of Christ.

Inn of the Good Samaritan

On the road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem there stood an inn, it was the setting for Jesus’ parable about the good Samaritan.

City of Jericho

The ancient city of Jericho is mentioned both in the Old and New Testament Bibles, it was the site where Jesus performed the miracle of curing the blind and it is where Joshua led the Israelite army around the walls 7 times causing the walls to fall. Today there is an impressive archaeological site where layers of previous settlements have been found.

Mount of Temptation

The Mount of Temptation in the Judean Desert is where it is believed that Jesus was tempted by the devil. On top of the mountain is the Greek Orthodox Monastery of Temptation and a cable car carries visitors to the peek to visit the monastery and enjoy the breathtaking views across the wilderness and Jericho.