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Coastal Israel

Israel has a narrow, long coastal plain which runs the length of the country on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel’s Mediterranean coastline stretches out for 187km forming the country’s western border. The coastal areas can be divided into sections: Plain of Zebulun from Rosh HaNikra on the Lebanese boarder to the northern side of Haifa; Hof HaCarmel from Haifa to Mount Carmel; the Sharon Valley from Mount Carmel to Tel-Aviv and the Plain of Judea from Tel-Aviv to Zikim Kibbutz in the Northern Negev Desert just before the Gaza Strip.

Along the length of the coastline there are soft sand beaches and in some areas rugged rocky cliffs. The rich and fertile soil along the coastal plain and the convenient sea access drew settlers to the coast. Many of the major cities (Acre, Haifa, Herzalia, Tel-Aviv, Ashkalon and Ashdod) were settled along the coast. Two rivers run into the Mediterranean Sea, the Yarkon and the Kishon.

Today the coast of Israel is best known for its beautiful beaches, both along the shores of the major cities and in more secluded areas. It would be difficult to pin-point Israel’s best beaches but they include Tel-Aviv, Herzalia  and Natanya. The major ports on Israel’s coastline are Haifa, Ashkelon and Ashdod.