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The Kingdom of Jordan shares Israel’s eastern border in the South, the eastern shore of the Dead Sea is also a part of Jordan. Tourists in Israel can travel to Jordan through the border crossing in Eilat, Israel’s most southerly city on the Red Sea. The border crossing is a simple process and once in Jordan it is a pleasant driver, through rugged desert landscapes to Jordan’s most famous site – the ancient city of Petra.

The Rose City of Petra is a UNESCO site, an ancient city carved out of the red rocks dating back to approximately 312BC. Petra was once the capital of the Nabataean civilization, a powerful and advanced ancient civilization which built this brilliant city. The Nabataens created an oasis in the desert by engineering their water supplies and building massive temples, palaces and homes in the sandstone rock cliffs. Petra is one of the most impressive and breathtaking sites in the world. Also in Jordan is the capital city, Amman, a vibrant and modern city and Aqaba a picturesque port city on the Red Sea with a colorful market and old quarter as well as beautiful beaches.