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The Negev Desert is in southern Israel reaching all the way to Eilat on the shore of the Red Sea and covers more than half of the country. The Negev region’s largest city is Be’er Sheva, other cities in the Negev are Arad, with an interesting market; Dimona, famous for the African Hebrew community and Mitzpe Rimon where you can see a huge crater (Makhtesh Ramon) and get breathtaking views from the high crater rim. The terrain of the Negev varies from rocky mountainous areas and sand dunes to the flatter Arava Valley. The Dead Sea is one of the regions hottest attractions together with Masada, the high rock outcrop where Herod built his palace complex. On a trip through the Negev you can come across traditional Bedouin camps, groves of palm trees and small agricultural communities. Ein Gedi is a green oasis of lush vegetation on the shore of the Dead Sea where you can cool yourself off in Davids Waterfall. The Negev is popular with adventurous travelers who take camel excursions, go 4X4 jeeping or mountain biking in the rough terrain.